How old are you?

I was born in 1988.

What do you do for a living?

I am a digital artist. A 3D geek. An open-source enthusiast. A blogger. I run Creative Shrimp website. Creative Shrimp is the place where artists go to learn the tips and tricks about computer graphics and digital art.

What’s your source of income?

I had been working in a game development studio as a modeler for a few years. Then I’ve been freelancing here and there, but never really liked it. Eventually, I started posting video tutorials on Youtube and running the blog, and eventually it became pretty successful. Youtube tutorials stuff turned into a passive income (check Realistic Lighting or Space VFX video courses for Blender). I’m really happy with how it is developing, thanks to the amazing Creative Shrimp community.

What’s your mission?

Helping other people to get better at 3D graphics and digital art. Changing the world of computer graphics.

What are your dreams?

To become a rock star, as popular as Lady Gaga. To wear the weird sun glasses while speaking at a conference. I dream of having an infinite freedom of movement, to not give a damn about borders. I also dream of creating a first-person video game with photoreal graphics.

Where are you from?

I’m from Belarus, a post-soviet country bordering Poland, Ukraine, Russia and Lithuania. The city in which I live now is called Brest. Though I feel like a global citizen.

Are you married?

Yup. My wife Lena is also a crazy artist. Though, she prefers 2D instead of 3D.

Do you have kids?

Yup. My son is 3 months old 🙂 He’s called Lev.

How many years do you think you have been doing CG work?

I’ve been doing CG work for at least 15 years.

For how long have you been using Blender?

I’ve been using Blender for 4 years. Before that, I was a 3DS Max user.

Why did you switch to Blender?

Firstly, it’s a free and open-source tool. No money has to be paid to get things up and running. 

Secondly, the Blender users happen to share their knowledge like crazy. This is a part of the open-source lifestyle. I’m still shocked to see the energetic, very professional tutorials popping out every day on Youtube.

And finally, if you use Blender it feels  like you are among the first few (millions) of people, shaping the future of computer graphics. You check Google Trends, and you see a huge rise of Blender popularity over the recent years.

Are you on Facebook?

You can hangout with me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (we also have the Youtube channel). In total, we have 70K+ followers.

Have you ever participated in a 3D contest?

Yup, I once won 3 contests in a row, at Render.ru, CG Cookie and Blender Guru. That’s badass, isn’t it.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuk, Pat Flynn, Andrew Kramer, Notch, Andrew Price, Beeple, Slavoj Zizek.

Can you share your daily routine with us?

I wake up. I say “what a shitty day it must be”. Then I go to a coffee shop and get a double espresso, 100% arabica. After that I realize that life is very short, and I start working on the next big thing. Working, working, listening to music, working. That’s the backbone of it, everything else is a fluff.

What computer do you have?

MSI Geforce GTX 1080, for GPU rendering in Cycles. Core i7 4770. 16 gigs of ram. 128 GB SSD for a system drive, and a bunch of HDDs for storage.

Blue Yeti condenser mic for recording. Wacom Intuos A6 tablet.

Have you ever spoken at a conference?

I spoke at Blender Conference 2015 and 2016.

Where did you study?

European Humanities University in Vilnius, Lithuania. Visual culture.

Where did you learn computer graphics?

I learned it by myself. Mainly, by pushing buttons and watching what happens.

I have no artistic background except the guitar classes and rock’n’roll youth. Although, my wife was taking the art classes.

English isn’t your first language?

Of course it isn’t, you can hear it when I talk. My accent drives me insane.

My native languages are Russian and Belarusian. I also understand a little bit of Polish.

What’s your favorite drink?

Coffee. Double espresso. I’m addicted to caffeine, and I spread the coffee propaganda.

What’s your favorite music genre?

Heavy metal. I’ve been playing a guitar since I was 5. When I was in my teens, I’ve been playing guitars and singing in a rock band.

Do you wanna be famous?

Yes please. Like Lady Gaga.